Duck River Laundry is accepting applications, but you must visit the store to do so.  Please read the following:


We are looking to TRAIN cleaners and dropoff/customer service personnel. Training is paid. Hire is NOT guaranteed.  Trainees will either be placed on call or hired depending on the needs of the business.

Cleaners will focus on the more physical aspects of vacuuming lint out of dryers, cleaning bathrooms, mopping, reaching high to clean the tops of washers, collecting litter outside the store, etc. Must be able to treat customers with kindness and be dependable. Must dress in a professional but workable manner. Cleaners are expected to clean and clock out without distraction or business disturbance. Must not waste time on the clock. Please do not apply if incapable of carrying out physical tasks without injury or limiting exhaustion.  Cleaners are paid hourly wage.

Drop-off/full-service/customer service personnel will focus on excellent customer experience and also keep an eye out to help clean when needed. Must have great personal skills, not share personal drama with customers or fellow employees, know how to wash/dry/fold laundry professionally. Must show up on time. Must not waste time on the clock. Must dress professionally, etc.  Drop-off personnel are paid wage plus bonus percentage of drop-off sales.

Background checks, drug screens, and probationary periods will be in effect.

Please stop by the laundromat any day between 10a-6p to fill out an application if interested. (1201 N Main St, Shelbyville, TN 37160) Please write “cleaner” or “dropoff” for the job you’re interested in applying for. Thank you!