Register your FasCard


 (Desplácese hacia abajo para obtener instrucciones en español)

It is possible to use the FasCard without registering, but if you lose it, you’ll lose your store credit.  Registering your FasCard is the simple way to prevent that loss.

So you’ve got a FasCard from the kiosk in-store. Now what? 

An easy way is to fill out a form next to the drop-off window (to the right of the kiosk) and drop it in the box.



Or you can go online to register. It will take about three minutes:


Step ONE:  Go to the FasCard site by CLICKING HERE. 

Step TWO:  Click SIGN UP (bottom left) and fill in the forms.

Step THREE:  Go to the email account you entered.  Copy the code. Paste it where the FasCard site asks for it (under “Registration Code”). 

Step FOUR:  Create a password. 

Step FIVE:  Enter your card number and PIN (on the card).  Click SAVE.


That’s all you need to do for now.  Now you won’t lose your store credit if you lose your card.  You can also check your balance online at the FasCard website.

If you still have trouble, call us at (931) 492-4444. If we don’t answer, leave a voicemail and we will call you back ASAP.


If you want more options, you can download the FasCard app!  You can also log in to your account and add us under Locations.  To do this, go to your FasCard account, click “Locations,” and enter CHEZBD.  Now you have online access to the laundry– you can see how busy it is, check how long your laundry has left until done, and other options.  

En español:

Es posible utilizar el FasCard sin registrarse, pero si lo pierdes, perderás el crédito de tu tienda. Registrar su FasCard es la forma sencilla de prevenir esa pérdida.

Así que tienes un FasCard en el quiosco de la tienda. ¿Ahora que?

Una manera fácil es llenar un formulario junto a la ventana de entrega (a la derecha del quiosco) y dejarlo en la caja.