Self-Service, Drop-off (we do your laundry for you!), and Horse Blanket Washing:

1)  Self-Service– 24-hour self-service laundromat  

Instant hot water!
Savings from using a FasCard to start the machines add up fast.  The FasCard is our loyalty card.  You may receive a FasCard from the kiosk under the large START HERE sign.  You’ll find it’s a whole lot better than having to use quarters– it’s easier, less time-consuming, and you earn rewards just by using it to start the machines!
Alternatively you may use coins, credit, or debit cards if you wish.  
A cash-coin changer is provided on-site for your convenience.  Detergent and dryer sheets are also provided for purchase using quarters.
Snack & drink vending, and gaming machines provided. 
If you have questions you may ask the attendant or call (931) 492-4444 if the attendant is not available.  Please leave a voicemail when calling at night and we will return your call the next morning.


2)  Full-service Drop-off (Wash, Dry, Fold)— you don’t have to do it yourself!

Just drop by during our drop-off hours and let us clean and fold all of your laundry for you!  We charge only $1.10 per pound for most laundry and our employees do a fantastic job! 

Full-Service Hours: 

Daily 10 AM-6PM


3)  Horse Blanket Washing Service

We wash the blankets in Citrizyme®, an enzymatic formula which removes proteins and carbohydrates associated with inanimate organic material or deposits, such as hair, and leaves no residue.   We use NikWax® Rug Proof to waterproof the blankets, so your horse is protected from the elements with the best. We DON’T PLAY AROUND.  We do it right.

Washed blankets are hung to dry for up to 3 days, depending on the amount of water retained and the humidity of the air.  Horse blankets are never dried in the dryer. We will contact you and set up a time for delivery that works.

$16 per large blanket wash (Filled blankets)

$12 per small blanket wash (“Sheets” or non-filled blankets)

$10 per saddle pad

$15 per blanket NikWax® water repellent

$14 per horse laundry load (a 13-gal trash can size full of machine-washable horsey items such as shipping boots, etc.)

Delivery fee of 60 cents per mile applies to blankets that need pickup from or delivery to a residence or barn.  If they need to be repaired, we will deliver to the tack shop for repairs (which we’re happy to get done for you) at NO extra charge.

Please email or call (931) 492-4444 to discuss options for High Volume Discounts.

We love what we do, and we take pride in doing the very best we can, every single time 🙂