Horse laundry

We wash all laundry and blankets in ozone-sanitizing water that kills mold/mildew, viruses, and dangerous bacteria such as MRSA, C. Diff, Aspergillus Niger, and many more super-bugs not eliminated by washers elsewhere.

We use NikWax® Rug Wash to clean the blankets, which removes dirt, manure, and other organic material, and leaves them smelling fresh.   We use NikWax® Rug Proof to waterproof the blankets, so your horse is protected from the elements with the best. We then physically de-hair them as much as possible.

Washed blankets are hung to dry for up to 3 days, depending on the amount of water retained and the humidity of the air.  We can toss them in the dryer (upon request) to speed things up.

We pick up and deliver for FREE!* or we can arrange an appointment for dropoff at the store for horse laundry.

Large blanket wash: $15

Small blanket wash: $11**

$8 per saddle pad

$7 per blanket NikWax® Rug Proof water repellent

$13 per horse laundry load (a 13-gal trash can size full of machine-washable horsey items such as shipping boots, etc.)

*Pickup and delivery is FREE with an order totaling $30 or more! (Within reasonable driving times from our store)

**If there is a very large amount of hair to remove, we will charge small blankets as large blankets.

If they need to be repaired, we are happy to deliver to Winner’s Circle or Bedford Tack for repairs.