We are the only ozone-sanitized laundromat nearby! We recently added an awesome upgrade that safely disinfects every wash using the power of ozone. This system is the very best we could get. It’s called the Aquawing® SanOWash®!
We also have a great money-saving loyalty card called the FasCard. You earn rewards just by using it to start the machines! Grab one at the kiosk under the START HERE sign and fill out a registration form to secure the value on your card.
You may still use coins, credit, or debit cards if you wish.  
A cash-coin changer is provided on-site for your convenience.  Detergent, softener, dryer sheets, and more laundry supplies are also provided for purchase, using FasCard, cash, or credit/debit.
We also have snacks, drinks, and gaming machines. 
If you have questions you may ask the attendant (there daily 10a-6p for YOU!!) or call (931) 492-4444 if the attendant is not available.